WHY I am running

Strategic Economic Development – Like it or not, change is coming to Revere. The recent sales of Suffolk Downs, the former Shaw’s site, The Necco HQ, and the impending sale of the Wonderland dog track will serve to change the face of Revere for generations to come. Since, change is imminent, we must be ready to usher it in with a carefully orchestrated strategic vision. Otherwise, Revere can risk losing these multigenerational economic opportunities. We must carefully ride the waves of changes that are now at our doorstep, with the already aforementioned sales in Revere. It is critical that this unique economic development opportunity include the correct delicate balance of new retail, corporate real estate, affordable housing, luxury housing, with a well-defined supporting infrastructure focused on improvements for Revere. We must plan to build upon our potential through Revere’s natural and economic resources, without drastically changing the existing community makeup. We must safeguard the interests of the people of Revere by carefully planning the change we want to see. We cannot let change control us; we must be proactive in controlling change through visionary planning.

Another issue facing our community is that we must find a way to keep our next generation of young adults in Revere, as they enter their own professional careers. Why should our young people be forced to leave Revere in order to find economic opportunities elsewhere? We need and want our young adults to choose to stay in Revere. Our community is a great place to live. I chose to live in Revere. We must continue to make our Revere Community, attractive to the emergent young professionals, because they are the next generation. This means ensuring that our young people remain in Revere by building affordable housing for young families. To achieve this, we must focus on carefully planning our economic development potential in our local area.

As your candidate for Revere Councilor At-Large, I will leverage my business financial experience in technology with the private sector to drive economic development initiatives that leading to employability of our own local youth. We need to sponsor activities to help guide and channel our youth through positive development. We must team-up with our local schools to cultivate college and career partnerships that promote internship access and mentorship support programs for our youth. I am by nature, curious, energetic and very humble with strong business fiduciary ethics; this is coupled with a craving to learn combined with the capability to take-on difficult technical operational challenges. I will bring new energy, new visions and diversified perspectives to continue to make Revere, a great place to live and work.

Keeping Revere Beautiful

In Revere, we are blessed with incredible natural resources, coupled with our location next to Boston and multiple train stops on the blue line that provides Revere with a unique competitive advantage over other neighboring cities. Unfortunately, we have yet to fully capitalize on this advantage; one thing that is holding us back is our struggle in how to successfully showcase our beautiful city. In too many areas of our city, trash is a constant challenge, some businesses and homes are not kept to the standard consistent with our potential, and in far too many places, our streets and sidewalks are crumbling. We must work together to keep Revere beautiful.

Another issue of concern to all of us in Revere is keeping our environment safe from potential disturbances of the ecological balance. We have naturally beaches. We must ensure that we continue to protect our beautiful beaches, parks, and drinking water, so that these remain clean, and of high quality for ourselves, as well as for our future generations.

Fostering Innovation

The world is changing rapidly. It is incumbent on us, to keep up with the waves of change. We must make sure that we are in a position to drive innovation in a way that benefits Revere. This cannot be done piecemeal. This can only be achieved together, by adopting a culture of innovation in our schools, in our local businesses, and in our local government. We need to adopt the technologies and methodologies of today, so that we are prepared for leadership in tomorrow’s future in Revere.

In our schools we need to invest in updated facilitations, creating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) related to economic programs. We must explore cooperatives with our local businesses and universities. In our city of Revere, we need to invest in the infrastructure that will attract bio-medical, robotics, startup incubators, and technology organizations that are now abundant throughout the Boston metro area but, have yet to emerge in Revere. We must bring these technological innovations to Revere.

I bring to the City Council of Revere a 20-year track record as a Business Executive, driving global technology data initiatives, developing enterprise architectures, and product management leadership while constructing high performance mentoring collaborative teams. I am a firm believer that together, as collaborative Revere team, we can accomplish much more. We must tap at our own local resources; utilize everyone’s individual strengths, to mobilize our local government, local organizations, and joint ventures in the best interest of Revere. We can work together to move the Revere City Council forward. In addition, I also bring to the Revere City Council my broad experience overseeing application development, infrastructure and operations combining my expertise in highly scalable big data platforms across multiple industries for high profile government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and startup companies. I bring this valuable skill to Revere City Council. It is my goal to help create possibilities and to communicate with a vision, shaped by your ongoing feedback and voice, the various ways that we, as a united community can grow, change, and navigate detailed issues that face us, so that these are executed with positive solutions.

Safety & Respect in the community

Supporting our local police and fire departments, so they can help us keep our street safe is a primary goal. This means supporting initiatives to continue to combat street crime, street drugs and substance abuse, as well as declaring a war on the opioid crisis facing some young adults. We are loosing too many lives to this crisis. We need to support initiates to support our police, but we must also identify rehabilitation resources to those that we are loosing to drugs. The upcoming months and years will be critical in determining how our local government implements the will of Massachusetts voters to legalize marijuana for recreational with the needs and desires of Revere citizens.

I am a son of Latino Immigrants, so I closely identify with the many economic and educational struggles of immigrant families. These immigrant families, most of who are working very hard to contribute to our community, need us to express our compassion through policies that are inclusive and offer a safe haven. My family instilled strong Christian values, faith, responsibility, social justice, compassion, and fairness in me. A strong part of my most inner core and character comes from my family principles: to care about other people with compassion, to become effective in impacting the lives of other people, and to become of service to others in need. I hold myself responsible to taking the initiative to help other people. My faith is at the essence of my belief to help others. It is for these personal reasons that I seek to assume a position of responsibility and leadership in our community. It is a way of giving back. As one of your elected officials on the Revere City Council, focusing on positive solutions is one ways that I can help others in our community.

Protecting our vulnerable

My parents are retired senior citizens and I have learned first hand from them that the senior citizens have a lot of wisdom and experience to share. There are vital community issues of concern to all senior citizens therefore, we must let their voices be heard; we must have their worries achieve resolutions. Most seniors are on a fixed income, so it is understandable that high taxes, the increasing rates of utilities, affordable quality healthcare, and sustaining their houses alarms them whiles maintenance costs spiral upwards. We must identify more effective ways to lower taxes while sustaining fiscal responsibility.

In addition to focusing on protecting our seniors we need to address the threats that our children face from multiple fronts including substance abuse, obesity, and crime. We need to both invest in and attract non-profit organizations that provide after school programs that engage and promote positive behaviors in our kids.

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